ISA materials provide a palette of beautiful coloured pebbles ranging in sizes from a 4 mm pebble to a 14 mm pebble for the landscaping and feature flooring industry. Whether it be stone countertops, pet supplies, aquarium gravel, bunker sand for golf courses, or pebbles for a range of decorative landscaping applications.

ISA will supply pebbles for a range of decorative landscaping options and offers many benefits. Our decorative pebbles can help to highlight special areas around the garden, pebbles are a great alternative ground cover to bark or larger stones, pebbles are safe to use around acid-loving plants and in pond areas, while they help the soil retain moisture and make an excellent plant topper. Using light coloured pebbles can bring light back into a dark area of the garden, or be a striking contrast for some plants, creating a beautiful finish to the garden.

ISA decorative pebbles are also used in feature flooring and in stone countertops, to add feature and grip to areas. They are long-lasting, and their light-reflecting properties can make them a stunning feature. They also easy to clean, so ideal in wet or high use environments like the kitchen or bathroom.

Our pebbles are also used for aquarium gravel, they are an easy to clean and eye-catching addition to any aquarium. The light refraction means they can bring out not the just the colour of the water, creating a natural water look, but they can also help highlight the aquatic life. They are also very easy to clean making them a hygienic choice when it comes to aquariums.

ISA can also has available a brilliant white sand for use in golf course bunkers. Our -1 sand product is ideal for use as bunker sand and against the green of the grass it is a stunning feature.