About Us

About International Specialty Aggregates (ISA)

International Specialty Aggregates (ISA) has been established in the pebble export industry in New Zealand since 2002. ISA quarries, screens, packages and distributes its own various colours and grades of pebble along with construction aggregates. Our pebbles are 100% natural and are sourced from our quarries located in the South Island of New Zealand.

The products are used principally for stone lining of swimming pools as well as a key component for manufactured decorative products and decorative landscaping.

ISA distributes these unique New Zealand pebbles nationwide and exports them to several different countries, including the Middle East, North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

Our Culture

By creating a work environment that values the individual and stimulates ingenuity, resourcefulness and humour, our team has the support from management to ‘push the envelope’. All roles within ISA are equally valued, and each member of the team makes a significant impact on the company.

Our People

We have pride in the products we produce and have an enormous respect for the talents and individual contributions of our fellow colleagues.

International Specialty Aggregates key personnel are comprised of industry veterans with significant experience in product development, operational management and international marketing.